Travels in Europe: 13

political map of Europe with my travels marked on it

Poland – my country of birth

Czech Republic – my 1st country to go to, not once but several times 

Ukraine – 1st country without parents

Ireland – my 1st travelling dream, over 2 months and the beginning of my learning adventure

Germany – several times but never for longer than a day

Italy – on my way to Spain, but – boy – is Milan beautiful

Monaco – one day is enough to see the whole country basically but IT’S SO LOVELY

Spain – been there several times, but my biggest journey lasted 9 months and they were months of survival

Austria – flying to Kenya from Austria is cheaper and Vienna is quite a sight

Portugal – did a small hitchhiking trip and it was totally worth it

The Azores – they actually belong to Portugal but they’re so worth seeing!! The islands are just stunningly beautiful and definitely worth treating separately

France – Some nice German folks kinda organized and sponsored me a trip from Fatima to Lourdes and I’m never forgetting them this <3

Switzerland – being an Au Pair is a good way to not go broke in there…

Great Britain – the chances of meeting a Pole in UK are.. 10/10.

Asia: 2 ; Africa: 1

political map of Africa with my travels marked on it

United Arab Emirates – almost 24h and 40 degrees, what a horror

Turkey – gaining some experience at sleeping at the airports cuz I’m damn poor

Kenya – twice, and altogether over 3 months of pure craziness

Travels within North America: 3; and South America: 2

political map of Central America with my travels marked on it

Panama – World Youth Days and the beginning of my stage of the Independence Sail

United States – being a crew member of the frigate “Dar Młodzieży” I certainly did not have a problem obtaining a visa

The Bahamas – Really cool stop on our way from the US to the Azores, across the Atlantic

Colombia – a part of the Independence Sail


– having a boyfriend from here one would expect to spend some time in his country too 😉 so I am here now and not going anywhere for the time being

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  1. Hello Ms. Settling! I just found your blog and it is amazing! I am from Kenya and I’m starting to live the life of a traveler here in Africa and my dream is to go around the world, meeting new people and cultures, making new friends and having these lovely experiences you’re showing us through this! Keep up the good work.
    Btw, I noticed you’ve been to my country 😮 Looking forward to read everything about it ;D

    1. Oh wow!! I certainly wish you the best of luck pursuing your dream! Visiting your country was a really great experience and I do plan on writing at least a few posts about it. One day maybe I’ll be able to visit Kenya again 😀 thanks for the lovely comment!

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